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How to Blog a Book” teaches you how to make a blogged book along with planning the topics and targeted posts you will need to stay on track and how to build the readership numbers essential to convince publishers and agents needed to make your blogs into a book. Nina Amir brand new book is a book writing and a promotional revelation. Nina Amir, the president of CopyWright Communications , is an experienced journalist, writer, editor, blogger, writing and web blogging trainer, book proposition consultant, workshop leader, and speaker with much more than thirty three years experience within the publishing field.

Author Nina Amir describes how writing the book in cyberspace allows you to really get your book written simply, at the same time promoting it and building an author’s platform. In her book she shows “How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Posts at the Time” she gives you stop by step information starting at setting up your blog, how to write blog posts and profiles of bloggers who have received blog-to-book deals. From making you accountable to a crowd that wants you to keep writing, to establishing good writing habit, to writing a business plan as to what you’d like the blogs and book to achieve she covers a lot of very practical questions for the blogger who wants to be an author.

It’s a fun, efficient way to start writing, publishing, and promoting a book, one posts each time. Blogging is a fantastic way to create content for a book. Blogs with all a intention of turning a gained material in a complete trade book is the brilliant idea.

If you’re only starting out as the blogger or whether you already possess 15,000 posts online, Nina Amir’s “How To Blogs a Book”, has the …

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How To Launch A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Reaching out to your audience via mobile marketing should help you boost your sales. Read this article for some helpful tips on how to launch a successful mobile marketing campaign.

All the content you share and the formats you use should be adapted to your audience. Do not share content that will not be perceived as valuable and useful. Do some research about your target audience to get a better idea of how your customers use their mobile phones and what kind of mobile phones they own. Do not develop apps if most of your customers will not be able to access this content. If you find that your customers do not own the latest mobile devices, wait for these technologies to become more affordable.

Download some good mobile marketing software so you can share text alerts. Place a subscription form on your site and present your text alerts as a way of getting access to valuable content. Send out text alerts on a regular basis but not too frequently. Your text alerts should be short, useful and provide your recipients with valuable information. You will generate more sales if your text alerts convey a sense of urgency, for instance if you advertise a limited offer that will expire soon. All your text alerts should include a link or a code to unsubscribe.

You can easily create a quality mobile website thanks to a mobile website-building tool. Purchase a .mobi domain name and start putting together your mobile website. You should test this site with different browsers and devices to make sure all your visitors will be able to access this content. Avoid using pictures or content that would cause your site to load slowly. Keep in mind that your mobile website will be seen on small screens, which means …

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A Beginner’s Practical Guide To Effective Search Engine Optimization

One word you hear often when it comes to website marketing is search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization is used to improve search results and site rank. Today, everyone is posting information on how to effectively utilize SEO. There are many different techniques that can be used to boost page rank. The following article will give you useful advice that will help not only rank your website higher but will also help you develop the best website on the Internet. Learn from the advice located here and begin using it today to build your website.

Link farms are very popular, but should be avoided because they normally lower page rank. Link farms are websites where a group of websites come together and link to each other to help increase page rank. This technique used to be effective, but as search engines have advanced, it has lost its popularity. This is because most search engines now consider link farming a form a spamming and will result in lower page ranking.

Although keywords can help build page rank, too many keywords will result in lower page rank. Use relevant keywords throughout your article, but do not use keywords that have no relevance to your website. For instance, if your website is about gardening, do not use technology, news or any other keyword that does not pertain to the information on your website.

Search engine spiders, also known as web crawlers, scour the Internet for the best websites. When developing your website, make sure that you use cross-platform technology that is common. This will ensure web crawlers can read and understand the information on your website.

When utilizing keywords consult a thesaurus. Using synonyms of relevant keywords offer an effective strategy to help increase web site results. For example, if …

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How To Create A Successful Mobile Website

Creating a mobile website is a great way to stay in touch with your audience if your customers are likely to use their mobile phones to browse the Internet. Read this article to learn more about mobile websites.

Start by purchasing a .mobi domain name along with a mobile website hosting solution. Do not purchase your domain name and your hosting plan from the same service in case you decide to switch to a different host later. The web hosting service you use for your main website might actually offer solutions for mobile websites. Choose a quality web hosting solution so that your mobile site is easy to access and loads quickly. If possible, find a web hosting plan that includes a site-building tool or learn how to use one of the many free site-building tools available on the Internet. You will find that building a quality mobile website is not very hard.

Use a very simple design for your mobile website. Your site will load more quickly if you do not use pictures for your background or your header. Keep in mind that your visitors will look at your content on a small screen. Do not write lengthy articles for your mobile website and make sure it is easy to navigate without a mouse. You should test your mobile website with different devices and browsers. You should not have any issues if you used a quality site-building tool and kept your design simple.


Update your mobile site regularly with quality content. People will check your mobile site if they know they can find exclusive information and coupon codes there. Try updating your site at least once a week, if possible on the same day so that customers get used to checking this site. You should also use your …

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How To Launch Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Successfully

More and more consumers are relying on their mobile devices to conduct everyday business. Their phones are no longer a gadget which they only use to converse with their friends and family. They are now able to use them do a multitude of things, including paying bills, browse the Internet, shop for products, and other things that they could only do on their desktop computers in the past. As a merchant, this provides you with a wonderful opportunity to promote your business. Imagine your customers being able to look up information on your website or buy from you even when they are just waiting in line. If you want to learn how to launch your mobile marketing campaign successfully, read this article for some useful advice.

No doubt you already have a full-size website developed for the computer. However, your full-size website cannot display properly on many hand-held devices. These mobile devices have a very small screen, and depending on the browser used, a regular web page may not render properly. Therefore, you must create a mobile version of your full-size website.

The mobile version should be streamlined, with mostly textual content and minimal images. Large images take up too much screen space, take too long to load, and really do not offer any significant benefit to your visitor. Your font size should be small enough for a good part of a sentence to fit across the screen. If you use a larger font size, you can only fit a few words in on each line, and the amount of down-scrolling makes reading content cumbersome.

Keep your most important information up on top, like your contact information. Avoid fancy menu systems and just stick with text links to other mobile pages of your website. Your full website will need extra …

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A Guide To Developing A Complete Understanding On Employing Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a strategy used to help increase a website’s page rank utilizing keywords, images and back links. By optimizing your website using the following techniques, your website will be more apt to be in their top search results. The following article will offer many tips and techniques on how to optimize your website using basic search engine optimization strategies. Learn the tactics described below to have your website running at its peak in no time at all.

Keywords play a vital role in search engine page rank. Therefore, you should begin by learning everything you can about keywords. Keywords can be defined as any word that is associated with your website’s topic. One of the best strategies when developing your list of relevant keywords is to look in a thesaurus. Choose two or three main keywords that pertain to the information in your website; then add in several synonyms. For example, if your website is a cooking website, your primary keywords should be cooking, recipes and food. Your secondary keywords should include words such as baking, broiling, desserts, main courses, etc. By choosing relevant primary and secondary keywords, the major search engines will be able to find your website and will be able to rank it accordingly. One caveat, do not post keywords that do not pertain to your website. For instance, if you have a website about cooking, you would not want to use keywords such as home improvement or technology. Using unrelated keywords will result in lower page rank.

Content is the most important thing when it comes to page rank. Creating quality content can ensure effective page rank. Quality content includes relevant information as well as the frequency of posts. By posting frequently, you will develop a large number …

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